Paris Landing State Park, TN

This is a huge lake with a marina on the west side of the highway and the majority of the park on the east side. The highway rises up over the water to allow for boats to pass underneath. Since I am not a water enthusiast, the park didn’t thrill me. There were a lot of bugs that seemed to want to hover in my face. I later heard from two military personnel that a hen and juvenile turkeys were in the area, but I missed them.

The most interesting things I saw were:

  • An older woman an son (maybe grandson) who had obviously been there for a while.  They were picking up pebbles down by the water and putting them into a bag. They sorted through pebbles, but I have no clue what they were hoping to find. There was no beach, and the pebbles appeared to be average rocks (not gold or agates), so that was interesting.
  • Two heavyset women wearing swimming suits, sitting on a structure, and fishing. I have seem women fish before, but I have never seen them do it in swimsuits. Also, I am used to fishing people having a more active role rather than sitting passively.

    Fishing at Paris Landing State Park

  • There was a sheriff patrol car sitting there the entire time I was watching the lake (about 15 minutes). I noticed several other patrol cars with officers in them simply sitting. That also makes me curious, and it is no wonder that everyone exceeds the speed limit.

Paris Lake State Park in Tennessee


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