This site was created to document my leadership tour that began in 2013.  The concept of a tour had been on my mind for over two years, and thanks to funding from the Marshall Award, it became reality. I am honored to have been the first recipient of the award.

The funds from the Marshall Award were spent in 2013, but I would still like to travel and present. I will endeavor to find sites that would like to hear my presentations. If your group would like to contact me, please do:

  • Email:  velda.tour@gmail.com
  • Twitter:  @veldaa #veldatour

During my 2013 tour, I uploaded images to Shutterfly online:  https://2013tour.shutterfly.com/
(I know that it is not ideal, but it is free and relatively easy for me to use.)

I also created an evaluation for those who have attended my presentations.

Who am I?

Currently, I teach business and leadership courses at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.  Previously, I taught business courses at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.  During my 2013 leadership tour, I revised my dissertation twice, and I am happy to have received a Ph.D. in community college leadership from Walden University.  My scholarly interests are service learning and leadership.  I have taught many years at community colleges and managed local and regional award winning teams.


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