Kentucky Presentation

This was another great group. My presentation was in the morning at the beginning of the one-day boot camp. Participants interacted early in the presentation. They continued to ask me questions throughout the day.

Some questions were:

  • If children were raised in a more closed society, would their values and beliefs remain the same?  I believe that would be true because external and peer pressure would maintain the system. Later I learned that this student had previously a class assignment to ask people 20 years older and younger specific questions related to values and beliefs. Within her Appalachian community, the responses were similar; however, when she asked her online friends outside the local community, the responses were similar within age groups, but dissimilar between them.
  • What do I think the millennial’s children will be like? Related to that was another question about whether I had researched the traditionalist’s parents? Great questions? History indicates that social behaviors are often circular, but I am not sure whether the millennial’s children will be like the traditionalists or the previous generation. Research will be required.
Presenting in Kentucky

Presenting in Kentucky


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