Driving in Ohio

There was definitely not enough time in Ohio. I saw glimpses of Lake Erie, and I drove on rural routes. Otherwise, I didn’t see much. My highlights:

  • The Amish. Clothes hanging on the line and no electronics. Personally, I couldn’t do it, but I admire their lifestyle.

    Following the buggy.

  • Roller coaster roads. At a posted speed limit of 55mph, you come to the top of a hill without being able to see what’s ahead. It’s scary at first, but then it becomes like a wild ride.


    The roads

  • Road kill and those that feed on it. I was quite impressed by a vulture buzzard pulling a dead raccoon by its tail to get the raccoon out of traffic.  Two other buzzards just watched and waited.

    I didn’t get pictures of road kill (I know you are disappointed), but I love this one:
    Flags and lightsIt was a gorgeous day for a ride through the country, and I just love this photo:


    Rear view


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