2013 Tour Final Report

One of the requirements of the Marshall Award is to submit a final report of the project. Today, I sent my report to headquarters. While my inaugural leadership tour is history, I hope that there will be other leadership tours, mini-tours, and journeys in my future.

If you want to review my report, click here.  It is also listed on the References page.



Driving in Ohio

There was definitely not enough time in Ohio. I saw glimpses of Lake Erie, and I drove on rural routes. Otherwise, I didn’t see much. My highlights:

  • The Amish. Clothes hanging on the line and no electronics. Personally, I couldn’t do it, but I admire their lifestyle.

    Following the buggy.

  • Roller coaster roads. At a posted speed limit of 55mph, you come to the top of a hill without being able to see what’s ahead. It’s scary at first, but then it becomes like a wild ride.


    The roads

  • Road kill and those that feed on it. I was quite impressed by a vulture buzzard pulling a dead raccoon by its tail to get the raccoon out of traffic.  Two other buzzards just watched and waited.

    I didn’t get pictures of road kill (I know you are disappointed), but I love this one:
    Flags and lightsIt was a gorgeous day for a ride through the country, and I just love this photo:


    Rear view

My introduction to driving in OH

My first time in Ohio, I came in from Indiana. (I never would have imagined that would be the case.) The signs were not optimistic as I arrived, though.

I guess that I’m in the wrong lane and must make a choice

Then I was welcomed and encouraged to discover

Uh, more welcoming, I guess

Options for exploration

Signs are getting better

And then…Traffic is moving well. There are two lanes, and the person in front of me is driving an SUV.  I had been happily following for many miles. Then, from an on-ramp, this young woman crosses double lines, cuts off the car to my right, and pulls between me and the SUV.  She is obviously in quite a rush. So, what does the person in the SUV do?

Slows down and rides beside the car to his right for several miles


Tour continues in September

In the last few days, we have been trying to organize the last part of the leadership tour.  Here is the tentative schedule:

1:  Fly to Nashville2:  Something in Nashville
3:  Nashville State (in the Nashville area)
4:  Pellissippi (Knoxville; with Roane State and Hiwassee)
5:  Walters State (Sevierville campus with Northeast)
6:  Cleveland State (Chattanooga and Georgia)
7:  Chattanooga (Aquarium & Lookout Mountain)
8:  Drive to Columbia
9:  Columbia State or Motlow State (invite Alabama)
10: Dyersburg State @ Covington (Southwest)
11: Madisonville CC in Western Kentucky
12: Jefferson.Comm.&Tech.College (Louisville, KY)
13: Jefferson.Comm.&Tech.College (Louisville, KY)
14: Things around Louisville, KY
15: Drive to Cleveland
16: Cleveland-Cuyahoga CC (Parma, OH)
17: Columbus State CC (OH)
18: Cincinnati State (OH)
19: Gateway Community and Technical College (Florence, KY)
20: Bluegrass Community and Technical College (Lexington, KY)
21-22:  Something fun somewhere
23:  Somerset CC (KY); drive to Nashville
24:  Fly back to Eugene