Numbers of attendees

I must admit that I have not been acting myself. In the past, I would have logged miles each day and number of attendees, but my mind must be focused elsewhere because those numbers escape me. I figure when I return the car next Tuesday, they will tell me how many total miles. As far as attendees, the organizer at each site should have those statistics. I know that today at Gateway’s Edgewood campus we had 31 attendees, which was quite impressive. Other sessions have ranged from 3 to nearly 90 participants with some including only students and others with a combination of students, faculty members, staff, administrators, and people from the community.

For next time (yes, I want to continue this), I hope to have better publicity and perhaps pull more community members to campuses. That will require earlier planning, but I would be happy for that.


Tour continues in September

In the last few days, we have been trying to organize the last part of the leadership tour.  Here is the tentative schedule:

1:  Fly to Nashville2:  Something in Nashville
3:  Nashville State (in the Nashville area)
4:  Pellissippi (Knoxville; with Roane State and Hiwassee)
5:  Walters State (Sevierville campus with Northeast)
6:  Cleveland State (Chattanooga and Georgia)
7:  Chattanooga (Aquarium & Lookout Mountain)
8:  Drive to Columbia
9:  Columbia State or Motlow State (invite Alabama)
10: Dyersburg State @ Covington (Southwest)
11: Madisonville CC in Western Kentucky
12: Jefferson.Comm.&Tech.College (Louisville, KY)
13: Jefferson.Comm.&Tech.College (Louisville, KY)
14: Things around Louisville, KY
15: Drive to Cleveland
16: Cleveland-Cuyahoga CC (Parma, OH)
17: Columbus State CC (OH)
18: Cincinnati State (OH)
19: Gateway Community and Technical College (Florence, KY)
20: Bluegrass Community and Technical College (Lexington, KY)
21-22:  Something fun somewhere
23:  Somerset CC (KY); drive to Nashville
24:  Fly back to Eugene

Tour starting soon

My previous attempts to start the tour failed because campuses in the east have been on summer vacation. (Who knew?) I have a mini-tour scheduled for the first weekend of August.

First I fly into Nashville, TN, and then I travel to the Tennessee HiA Academy where I will present on Thursday evening during their opening session. Friday I will drive to Somerset, KY to present on Saturday at the Kentucky Leadership Boot Camp. Somerset Community College is where Dr. Jo Marshall is college president. My Tour will officially launch from Dr. Marshall’s campus!

Today I also created the photo hosting site, which will be Shutterfly.

Planning the route

I have been thinking about heading east before the Honors Institute in Pennsylvania. The route I’m considering begins in Somerset, KY, goes to Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. During the Institute, I would be there, and I could present somewhere on the free day on Thursday. Then after the Institute, I could wander down to Charleston, SC, and maybe see Savannah, GA, before returning to Lexington, KY to fly back home.

Here is the route that I am considering:

Leadership tour goals

I have several goals that I developed, and I can already see that they need slight modifications.  Here are my original goals:

  • Develop a 3-week workshop/travel plan using my Phi Theta Kappa contacts to determine venues
  • Interact with as many people as possible during the 3-week period
  • Maintain an online photo journal of the adventure, i.e., write about it and upload photos
  • Learn about different regions of the U.S such as the East Coast, Midwest, and The South
  • Create a leadership presentation from the experience

What I am changing is the 3-week continuous tour.  My summer teaching schedule requires me to be on campus, so I cannot take 3 consecutive weeks to tour.  Instead, I will schedule shorter times to include as many campuses and people as possible.  Maybe on my second leadership tour I would be able to make it consecutive travel.

Let the planning begin

Today I begin planning my 2013 leadership tour, and I hope to begin with a brief tour in June.  Thus far, I have been working on the flyer and setting up the online technology (such as this blog).  My professional photographer, Sean Tolan, provided me with some wonderful photos that I will be using on this site and in my materials.

Here is my first flyer: