Kentucky Presentation

This was another great group. My presentation was in the morning at the beginning of the one-day boot camp. Participants interacted early in the presentation. They continued to ask me questions throughout the day.

Some questions were:

  • If children were raised in a more closed society, would their values and beliefs remain the same?  I believe that would be true because external and peer pressure would maintain the system. Later I learned that this student had previously a class assignment to ask people 20 years older and younger specific questions related to values and beliefs. Within her Appalachian community, the responses were similar; however, when she asked her online friends outside the local community, the responses were similar within age groups, but dissimilar between them.
  • What do I think the millennial’s children will be like? Related to that was another question about whether I had researched the traditionalist’s parents? Great questions? History indicates that social behaviors are often circular, but I am not sure whether the millennial’s children will be like the traditionalists or the previous generation. Research will be required.
Presenting in Kentucky

Presenting in Kentucky


Traveling from Jackson, TN to Somerset, KY

I was up and on my way by 7am. The first challenge was to put fuel in my rental vehicle. I managed fairly well. Thank heavens there was no one to observe. I am used to that black plastic thing around the nozzle that sucks up to the car. Well, in reality, I am used to someone else pumping my gas because in Oregon, it is illegal to pump your own gas.  In all the states where I recall pumping gas, that black sheath had to be placed properly for the gas to be dispensed. This was just a regular nozzle. It worked.

Next, I stopped by Union University for hugs before heading off to Milan, Paris, Dover, and Clarksville.

Driving in Tennessee

My thoughts on the trip are as follows:

  • Milan, TN is definitely not as exciting as Milan, Italy, and that is probably when they pronounce it differently.
  • Paris, TN was fun, and I enjoyed it more than my last trip to Paris, France. (My next trip to France will be much better.)
  • Dover, TN was smaller than I liked, and I think there were several things there that could have interested me, but I didn’t have time for hiking and exploring.
  • Clarksville, TN was huge and a disappointment. It seemed to go on forever, and I couldn’t even find a place to park downtown to grab a cub of coffee.

When I crossed into Kentucky, I felt eerily at home. I enjoyed the drive to Somerset. The one thing that I noticed was lots of trees, rocks, and butterflies.