Indian Mill, IN

Most people know that I like the outdoors, and whenever I saw a sign for a park, I tried to stop.  This was one place that caught me by surprise, and I’m very happy that I stopped.


Sign, of course


Curious one-lane bridge


But where does it lead…


The mill


The bridge


A beautiful spot


The mill stones



Versailles State Park in IN

This was one of those state park signs that I followed.  There was an admission fee, but I explained to the employees at the entrance that I just wanted to drive through quickly, so they let me in.  It is located in the southeastern part of Indiana, and is really large.

A road I didn’t follow

Too much to do

One part of the lake

The only person I saw on the lake

I bet it is packed in the summer

As I exited, but I didn’t have time to explore