There were cows

Many of you know that I like cows, and I’ve often joked that when I retire, I will stop along the road and take photos of cows as they enjoy their lives in the pastures.  This trip did not allow me the time to stop and observe the cows, but I tried to capture them.

Somewhere along the back roads between Morristown and Chattanooga, TN

What really amazed me on this trip was that the ranchers have wading pools for their cows. The first time I saw it, I thought that I was imagining it.  However, in the next few photos below, you can clearly see the cows boldly lounging in their pools.

Closer to Chattanooga, TN

Between Chattanooga and Columbia, TN

Amazing! Cow pools.

Guess what the cow below is doing?

Out standing in the field

Between Columbia and Memphis, TN

Cows being harassed by a plane

Closer to Memphis, TN

In western Kentucky

A closer view of the cows above

Cows in southern Indiana

Goats in Indiana (they tricked me)

More cows in Indiana

Cows somewhere between Cleveland and Columbus, OH

Somehow, I feel quite at home in Somerset, KY.  Surprisingly, that’s where I have the most photos of cows.

The had signage to keep me out

On the back roads between Somerset and Berea, KY

I always thought that the white wooden fences were for horses, but these cows rated such fine fencing:

Also on the back roads north of Somerset, KY

It was a soggy, rainy day

I was always told that you could tell how long the rain would last by the cows behavior, and I’ve watched enough cows to believe that to be the truth.  When it begins to rain, if the cows run for shelter, that means it will be a brief shower.  If the cows stay in the fields, then the rains will last a while.  These cows were staying in the field:

Tolerating the rain

More cows near Somerset, KY

I like how only the cows are in focus

My last morning in Somerset, KY