Southwestern Oregon Community College

This was like coming home for me. I started my post-secondary academic studies at Southwestern Oregon Community College. I showed Ms. Kaitlyn the lake and my favorite hall, Sitkum.

At the lake
On the boardwalk at Empire Lakes.
Sitkum Hall
In front of Sitkum Hall.

The room held 30 people, and we had to take out the partition and expand into two rooms. Since both rooms were filled, I estimate there were 60 participants.

Packed room

The students were wonderful throughout my presentation even though we had several interruptions from microphones and videos in adjoining rooms.

Afterwards, I was able to meet the vice president for instruction.

Blurry Velda
We weren’t really moving that fast.

I would love to return for more presentations.


Mt. Hood Community College

The first presentation of my 2014 spring leadership tour was at Mt. Hood Community College on April 9. The topic was Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and I was in my favorite room, The Town and Gown room.

Town and Gown Room

There were nearly 80 attendees, and they were a great group. I enjoyed the interactions, and they had great questions at the end.


Several members of their Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Rho Theta, were there. My former regional officers Jenni and Ana showed up, too. It was wonderful.


Thank you, everyone!