Food and flying things

Perhaps I have always been observant, but probably not.  On this tour, I seemed to notice more than usual. I tried to eat local thing or items that I had not eaten before (except road kill, I hold the line there).

Sign for the pick up location


The food, and they had choices of slaw and beans

Chased rescued this praying mantis

The mantis wanted to fight

He or she seemed to think that I was strange

When I visited Tennessee and Kentucky in August, I was impressed with the number of butterflies.  At that time I saw a lot of all yellow butterflies and some black ones. This time I saw a few Monarchs.

Near a reservoir in Tennessee

Dave took me to dinner in Reelfoot, and the lake there was created by an earthquake.  In fact, the lake is the only natural lake in the entire state.  Since I missed out on catfish last visit, that’s what I had. I also had frog legs for the first time.


Frog’s legs are on the left

For my last evening in Louisville, KY, we had dinner at a restaurant that overlooked the Ohio River. It was a beautiful location, and the food was great.

Dinner at Bristol Bar & Grille in Jeffersonville, IN

Wild turkeys in Indiana


Next to Lake Erie


More birds at Lake Erie


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