Riding lawn mowers everywhere

In my lifetime, I have known a few people who had riding lawn mowers. Those were mostly those who had extensive acreage to mow and who had a lot of money.  Well, in Tennessee and Kentucky, I think nearly everyone who has a house must have a riding lawn mower.

People from all ages and sizes were out mowing their lawns.  The lawns were well maintained, so I would bet that they mowed them at least once per week.  On my travels, I was surprised to even see bulletin boards advertising riding mowers (sorry, no pics of those).


Definitely a large lot


Another large lot


This was in front of some company

Okay, so not everyone mows the lawns (or fields as I would call these) on a riding lawn mower.  This guy is helping out at the company in the previous photo.


This is how to do it


Just one of many riding lawn mower lots

This guy in Ohio has it right:



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