Trip 2: Cummins Falls State Park

Until about a year ago, Cummins Falls was on private property.  I found the web site online and decided to visit.  I was hoping to present on Nashville State’s campus, so I was wearing a dress and sandals, but the presentation could not be scheduled. Nevertheless, I wanted to see the waterfall.  There were two routes:

I decided to go to the downstream trail, but that was silly because it was actually quite a strenuous route.

So, at the next fork in the trail, I went to the overlook. Here’s what I saw:

It sounded wonderful, but I could not really see it from the “overlook.” At that location, I did meet a man with a Rottweiler puppy that loved me. The man said that I should check out a few other falls:  Burgess Falls and Falls Creek.


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