From PDX to ATL

At the Portland airport, I spent a long time in CC McKenzie, but I didn’t buy any clothes. There was a silk top that I loved, but they didn’t have it in my size. Several clearance items caught my attention, but they were more attractive on the rack. Shoes were on sale, but fortunately, the colors were not what I was wanting. There were adorable sandals in silver that I nearly bought, but they were rather expensive.

Since they changed my flight at the Eugene airport, I was assigned an aisle seat for the 4+ hour trip (so much for my vigilance to check repeatedly for my window seat assignment). I looked at the seating chart, and there were several middle seats available, so I knew the flight wasn’t full. Next to me was a large couple with a 7-week old baby. On the other side of me was a woman with a slightly older baby in a baby seat.

I should mention that there are 2 small dogs in carriers on this flight. On the packed flight from EUG to PDX, a tall, lanky young man had a large service dog. The dog was crammed in on top of his owner’s feet. They tried to fit a large crew member next to the man, and it was painful to watch. I am not sure where they moved the crew member, but they did. I know it’s a short flight but a big dog should not be squished in under the seat.

On my current flight, my row must have looked quite uncomfortable because the attendant asked me if I wanted to move. The baby to the right was crying, and the man to my far left needed at least 1.5 seats. I didn’t want to seem rude (like I hated babies), so I told the woman to my left that I would move to give them more room. She was quite happy. They wanted to put me in an aisle seat, but the two back rows were completely empty. Yup! I had a window seat with no one next to me.

According to the attendant, pets in carriers must remain there throughout the flight. Service dogs, on the other hand, may be on leashes based on those I have seen. The little dog in the row in front of me continues to whine, and the dog’s owner ignores it. (I’m reading Temple Grandin’s book Animal Make Us Human, and I wonder what she’d say about this.)

Because it’s the first of the month, Alaska Airline’s menu changed. They heated pulled pork sandwiches, and the aroma made my stomach growl. Being in the last row, I figured they would run out of semi-decent food, which nearly always happens when I want to purchase something. She told me they still had sandwiches, and she grabbed mine right from the oven. Yum! Maybe the best airline food I’ve ever eaten (or maybe I was hungry).

Feet up. Little chatter, babies crying, or whining dogs. Lots of reading and relaxing. It was hazy outside. I could barely see the Rockies, and what I did see lacked snow. I suspect the haze could come from forest fires, but I am not up on that. When we were about 30 minutes west of Atlanta, it seemed like overcast (well, there were clouds beneath us). When we landed, it was raining. Hot, but raining.

Photos are posted on Shutterfly.


1 thought on “From PDX to ATL

  1. What a flight! I was once the lady with the baby. Interestingly enough, on my flight to and from LAX I was seated next to two different men. Neither of them seemed to mind the baby or that I needed to breastfeed. Of course, the baby wasn’t a crying there or back.

    Glad you landed safely!

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