Journey to Short Creek

Probably one of my best excursions was trying to find Short Creek in Kentucky.  I was told to Google it on a map, and I was shown that it was an easy trip off the main highway between Somerset and London.  Google didn’t find the creek, but I was able to find the road.  First there was a two-lane pave road.  It was Sunday, and I drove by a church in session.  It was a beautiful morning, and I was driving the country road with my windows down.

Further down the road, it became a one-lane paved road.  My Google map did not show a waterway for quite some time, and I wasn’t really paying attention to my online map because I figured the world’s shortest creek would be obvious.  I lost my data connection, and shortly thereafter the homes become less well kept. The road became gravel, but I grew up in rural Oregon, so that didn’t bother me.

Short Creek Road

It really was a beautiful drive with those cicadas chirping everywhere. About those cicadas, I felt as though I had ringing in my ears most of the time, and I don’t understand how the local people did not hear them. I guess after time, one just tunes it out. Around the next bend, guess what I saw?

Old barn

Let’s just say that I pulled up behind a pickup right in front of a man’s house. Yup! The road ended right there. He was sitting on his front porch with his dog. I yelled to ask him how to get to Short Creek, but he couldn’t hear me. The dog bounded up. (There were no banjos playing.) The man had to walk all the way up to the car to be able to hear me. He told me that the creek was at the beginning of the road, right after I turned off. How had I missed it? He told me to turn around in his yard, so I did and was on my way.

I was nearly back to the road when I saw a small pullout.  Yup. There’s a creek over there, and it’s reputed to be the shortest one.

There’s water over there

There is a sign, on the other side of the road facing the creek.  Who reads at a 90 degree angle while they are driving?

Short Creek sign

Anyway, I got out and admired the little creek.  The water was blue and flowed nicely.

Short Creek


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