Berea, KY

This is a college that I learned about during my recent studies. Admission is highly competitive, from what I understand. Instead of students paying tuition, all students perform service. That helps the college, the students, and the community.

The local community includes a lot of art and artistic endeavors. For example, there is a man who is known for making quality dulcimers. Unfortunately, we were there too late in the day to visit his store, His items in the windows were beautiful.

The hotel was very beautiful, and I would like to stay there one day and dine in their restaurant.

It rained just as soon as we arrived. That was nice. It was very different from Oregon rain because it was warm rain that came, poured, and moved on. In Oregon I am used to longer lasting rain that makes everything grey.

I also saw bunnies. They were just running around like they do on campus at the University of Victoria.  I was so excited that I yelled. Unfortunately, I scared Margo who thought she should slam on the brakes for some emergency.

The strangest thing was a truck we were following on the freeway. I guessed that the cargo was 2 big screen TVs with wheels, tires, and large tubes. No one else identified it until we passed.

Following the truck

It was truck axles. I am still not sure what the “big screen”-looking items were.


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