The long journey

The last two days were one of the most confusing and frustrating travel ravel experiences I have had.  I believe the flight systems are a mess. Yesterday, all three of my flights were delayed. It wasn’t just my flight, it was most of them around me.

After having my travel route and times changed three times, I did finally arrive in Nashville, TN. Because I was landing so late (and on a different flight than when I booked my car), I called Hertz. This lady was unhelpful to be kind. She informed me that the Nashville center closed at midnight, no matter what. That made no sense to me, from a customer service standpoint.

when we arrived early, about 11:50pm, I rushed to baggage claim, but the bags weren’t there yet. Then I remembered that car rentals were just down one floor. I rushed down there only to find that Hertz had moved outside, across the street, down the way, and up two floors. So, I waited for my bag, which came about 12:15am. During the wait, I tried to find lodging using apps on my phone, but they don’t allow you to book “that night.”

Anyway, I made the long journey to the Hertz Gold kiosk, and she was open. Thank heavens. She gave me a Yaris, which is a weird car with the driving console in the center. This is a new one with the console in front of the driver. After checking out through their new security system, I was on my way.

what I learned last night about Tennessee is:

  • Gas is $3.30 to $3.35 per gallon. (Very low compared to Oregon.)
  • There seem to be a lot of bright signs advertising adult stores.
  • Trucks and their drivers may park and rest along the freeway.
  • Trucks may also travel the same speed as cars, which on the freeway was 70.

The coolest thing was that I saw an armadillo on the while line at the right side of the road. It took me a while to figure our the shape of that weird possum, but it was an armadillo!! I looked it up, and they have invaded here.

More to come…


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