Not on a plane

Right now, I should be in the air heading to the San Francisco airport. Nope.

On the way to the airport, I had a phone call from United (the first flight was booked on US Airways, but somehow it was a United flight). The automated message said there was a change and my SFO flight would leave tomorrow (not tonight) at 11:30-ish am for Houston. Then from Houston, I would fly to Nashville, arriving at 9:38 pm. That didn’t make me very happy because it meant an overnight at SFO.

When I arrived at the Eugene airport, I quickly learned that the SFO flight was cancelled. Of course there was only one person working the counter. Everyone was on their phone trying to rebook. I guess that I got lucky (sarcasm) because I had a very nice woman who explained my SFO to Houston to Nashville flight. What she failed to understand was that I needed to get from Eugene to SFO. I was on the phone with her for 54 minutes, and she was unable to get me on a 9:30am flight to SFO. She says that I have a spot reserved, and the counter can issue the ticket in the morning. We’ll see.

So, Max drove me to the airport (because I don’t want to risk my car being stolen again), and then he had to come get me. Please don’t ask him how he spent his evening. I don’t think chauffeuring his mother to and from the airport is his idea of fun.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better. The good part is that I won’t need to sleep on the plane.


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