Another flight delay

So, once again, my flights are out of sync. I checked the flight status at 7am, and everything was on schedule. When I arrived at check-in, the attendant took 30 minutes to reroute a family for international travel. Our flight here that should leave at 9:25 is delayed until 11:08 according to the latest update. The poor guy at the counter had to call for technical help to resync my flights.

I was traveling SFO to Houston to Nashville, but the guy said my only option was an overnight to arrive Thursday morning. My expression must have shouted, “NO” because then he mentioned looking for a US Airlines flight (I originally booked on US Airlines).

Now, I go from SFO to Charlotte to Nashville, and I should arrive there about 10:45pm.

I learned that Hertz holds my car reservation for 48 hours because they expect flight delays. Also, the motel said that arriving late was expected.

The flight delay is due to weather in San Fran. We may leave at 10:30 if the weather clears. The plane is here, and they are just waiting for clearance from SFO flight control.


2 thoughts on “Another flight delay

  1. According to Facebook, you are on your way to your first presentation. I hope you got a good rest last night and you have a positive response to your speaking. Be safe and confident.

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