I leave in a few hours

I just had a slight panic when I tried to check-in online. An error messaged said that my reservations were “out of sync,” and I was instructed to call the airline. So, I did. The guy there, Sebastian, told me that the last two flights of my journey to Nashville had been removed by the booking agent. WHAT? So, I called the booking agent and was told by Abraham that everything was just fine. Apparently US Airways cannot handle it when other parts of the travel are with other airlines.

Back to packing. I am so excited (and terrified and thrilled and nervous) to go on this short jaunt. This is something like a teaser for the big tour in a few weeks. Jittery…

Here’s my intended route from Nashville, TN to Jackson, TN to Somerset, KY back to Nashville, TN.

First route

Nashville to Jackson (blue line) to Somerset (green line) and back to Nashville (orange line)


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