Another flight delay

So, once again, my flights are out of sync. I checked the flight status at 7am, and everything was on schedule. When I arrived at check-in, the attendant took 30 minutes to reroute a family for international travel. Our flight here that should leave at 9:25 is delayed until 11:08 according to the latest update. The poor guy at the counter had to call for technical help to resync my flights.

I was traveling SFO to Houston to Nashville, but the guy said my only option was an overnight to arrive Thursday morning. My expression must have shouted, “NO” because then he mentioned looking for a US Airlines flight (I originally booked on US Airlines).

Now, I go from SFO to Charlotte to Nashville, and I should arrive there about 10:45pm.

I learned that Hertz holds my car reservation for 48 hours because they expect flight delays. Also, the motel said that arriving late was expected.

The flight delay is due to weather in San Fran. We may leave at 10:30 if the weather clears. The plane is here, and they are just waiting for clearance from SFO flight control.


Not on a plane

Right now, I should be in the air heading to the San Francisco airport. Nope.

On the way to the airport, I had a phone call from United (the first flight was booked on US Airways, but somehow it was a United flight). The automated message said there was a change and my SFO flight would leave tomorrow (not tonight) at 11:30-ish am for Houston. Then from Houston, I would fly to Nashville, arriving at 9:38 pm. That didn’t make me very happy because it meant an overnight at SFO.

When I arrived at the Eugene airport, I quickly learned that the SFO flight was cancelled. Of course there was only one person working the counter. Everyone was on their phone trying to rebook. I guess that I got lucky (sarcasm) because I had a very nice woman who explained my SFO to Houston to Nashville flight. What she failed to understand was that I needed to get from Eugene to SFO. I was on the phone with her for 54 minutes, and she was unable to get me on a 9:30am flight to SFO. She says that I have a spot reserved, and the counter can issue the ticket in the morning. We’ll see.

So, Max drove me to the airport (because I don’t want to risk my car being stolen again), and then he had to come get me. Please don’t ask him how he spent his evening. I don’t think chauffeuring his mother to and from the airport is his idea of fun.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better. The good part is that I won’t need to sleep on the plane.

I leave in a few hours

I just had a slight panic when I tried to check-in online. An error messaged said that my reservations were “out of sync,” and I was instructed to call the airline. So, I did. The guy there, Sebastian, told me that the last two flights of my journey to Nashville had been removed by the booking agent. WHAT? So, I called the booking agent and was told by Abraham that everything was just fine. Apparently US Airways cannot handle it when other parts of the travel are with other airlines.

Back to packing. I am so excited (and terrified and thrilled and nervous) to go on this short jaunt. This is something like a teaser for the big tour in a few weeks. Jittery…

Here’s my intended route from Nashville, TN to Jackson, TN to Somerset, KY back to Nashville, TN.

First route

Nashville to Jackson (blue line) to Somerset (green line) and back to Nashville (orange line)

Tour starting soon

My previous attempts to start the tour failed because campuses in the east have been on summer vacation. (Who knew?) I have a mini-tour scheduled for the first weekend of August.

First I fly into Nashville, TN, and then I travel to the Tennessee HiA Academy where I will present on Thursday evening during their opening session. Friday I will drive to Somerset, KY to present on Saturday at the Kentucky Leadership Boot Camp. Somerset Community College is where Dr. Jo Marshall is college president. My Tour will officially launch from Dr. Marshall’s campus!

Today I also created the photo hosting site, which will be Shutterfly.