2 thoughts on “General comments

  1. Velda is constantly looking for ways to improve herself. When she finds them, she develops a way to share them with others. I think it is pretty amazing that someone that is an “I” (Meyers-Briggs) and a “blue” (the Color Code) has such an ability to connect, communicate and genuinely rally developing leaders to reach their potential. Colleges that invite Velda to inspire their leadership teams have no idea what they are in for. Prepare for revolutionary changes beginning at the individual level!

  2. Velda, there is so much greatness that I can about this woman! I could probably write a book on about her and how she has changed the lives of many people, including my own. If Velda is going to be traveling to an area near you and you can go see ANY of her presentations…..DO IT! You will not regret it for one second! Velda ROCKS!!!

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