Leadership tour goals

I have several goals that I developed, and I can already see that they need slight modifications.  Here are my original goals:

  • Develop a 3-week workshop/travel plan using my Phi Theta Kappa contacts to determine venues
  • Interact with as many people as possible during the 3-week period
  • Maintain an online photo journal of the adventure, i.e., write about it and upload photos
  • Learn about different regions of the U.S such as the East Coast, Midwest, and The South
  • Create a leadership presentation from the experience

What I am changing is the 3-week continuous tour.  My summer teaching schedule requires me to be on campus, so I cannot take 3 consecutive weeks to tour.  Instead, I will schedule shorter times to include as many campuses and people as possible.  Maybe on my second leadership tour I would be able to make it consecutive travel.


2 thoughts on “Leadership tour goals

    • I am breaking it up because of my work schedule. I would like to figure out how to get a Texas tour organized in late August or early September.

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