Let the planning begin

Today I begin planning my 2013 leadership tour, and I hope to begin with a brief tour in June.  Thus far, I have been working on the flyer and setting up the online technology (such as this blog).  My professional photographer, Sean Tolan, provided me with some wonderful photos that I will be using on this site and in my materials.

Here is my first flyer:



2 thoughts on “Let the planning begin

  1. This is fantastic! I have worked with Velda for the past two years and they have been a couple of the best years I have ever had! I have grown from being shy and quiet, to becoming someone I never imagined I would be! Velda, had a major impact on who I am today and where I will end up in the future! She is an amazing presenter and all her workshops are really great!

  2. Velda has had a great influence on who I am and where I am today. In the very short time that I have known this fabulous women I have seen her lead and inspire countless people to heights that they did not think was possible. After spending just a few minutes with her you will come to see that she is genuine and inspiring in her own unique way. I am truly blessed to have met her and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

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